Saturday, December 27, 2008

This is probably old news...

but I had no idea that Edward ALMOST had long hair in the movie! Ick...the 8th Cullen is Edward's HAIR!!! To think it could have been long would have been really old school movie vampire cliche.

But thankfully not, so you can read the rest of Kristin Kelly's interview with MAC head makeup artist Jeanne Van Phue (MAC did the makeup for the movie) HERE.

here's a snippet:

What was the process for creating the various characters’ looks?
Catherine Hardwicke, the director, and I have previously worked together on a movie called "Lords of Dogtown," so we know each other very well. I began by preparing sketches of my vision, keeping in mind the descriptions Stephanie Meyer (Twilight’s Author) set forth in the books.

Bella’s (Kristen Stewart’s character) description in the novel is very pale and extremely beautiful with large chocolate brown eyes, so she wore colored lenses every day. I also pictured her as a natural beauty, which is exactly what Kristen is. I used a light hand while applying all neutral colors to make her look as though she had no makeup on.

Edward’s (Robert Pattinson’s character) description in the novel is impossibly handsome almost god-like. His skin is marble-pale, hard as stone and ice cold, but perfect and flawless. Edwards’ eyes are described as topaz colored when he is normal and black like onyx, when hungry.

Were there any changes to the looks of the characters that weren’t planned?
At the beginning, Catherine Hardwicke visualized Edward with long hair [Kristen's note: NO!!!!], yet after studying his face and jaw line in the makeup test, the decision was made to go with short hair to accentuate his amazing jaw line.

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