Monday, January 12, 2009

Fiona Ballet Flat

Looking for an inexpensive patent flat? Look no further than the Fiona ballet flat from Payless. Right now it's on sale for a whopping $12.99!! I picked one up on Saturday from the Target in Columbia Heights have yet to wear it out. But in crazy wet dc weather I'm sure I'll be wearing these soon enough.

In the project of cleaning out my closet, I'm progressing quite well and am making sure to get rid of shoes that I no longer wear, haven't worn for a long long time, or haven't worn ever. I have shoes that my mom bought me awhile back that when I look at now seem very old lady to me. It was the phase I went through when I first got a job after college and pointy shoes were very much the rage. Now, I've gone back to more round-toe exploits.

Anyways I do have a number of very gently used shoes. I should make some kind of trip to sell these this economy I might as well make some $$$ off it.

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jaleh said...

these are really cute. i love payless <3