Tuesday, January 13, 2009

off post: Ahh I am still geeking out.

Before there was Twilight, I was already addicted to Roswell. Come on, opening sequence using Dido's "Here with Me" how can one NOT like it? I agree that Roswell was better acted, but after season 2, the writing in the series just went down for me. When it moved to UPN, I barely watched it after weird storylines that didn't really go with the original substance of the series.
(Below is Max and Liz. Funny how dated the series looks now...)

Twilight is still my book crack...

You can read the TV squad article on Twilight VS. Roswell here: http://www.tvsquad.com/2008/12/02/twilight-vs-roswell-are-aliens-more-romantic-than-vampires/

One of my many random musings the past few days on the metro ride into work has been what has been the appeal for me with the character Bella. Most people talk about how she's very relatable because of that insecurity you go through in high school but personally it's also been her isolation. As an only child of a broken home I see how alone one gets in a home setting. I think a part of her wanting to become a vampire isn't just to be with Edward, but to also gain a new more permanent family where she can finally get acceptance and a sense of belonging. I don't remember if the author ever talked about whether Bella had any close friends in Phoenix, but it doesn't seem like it when all whom she ever talked to was her mom.

M and I finally chatted last night and she is also hooked on Twilight. Hehe I knew it! After all she was the one who introduced Anne Rice to me way back in middle school.

On a related vampire note, I read today that Guillermo del Toro will be doing a vampire epic movie! I'm incredibly incredibly excited!

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