Sunday, January 25, 2009

men's shoe shopping

There is nothing more satisfying than scoring a great shopping deal! Yesterday L and I headed over to Pentagon City Mall to shoe shop for him and he made out with two fantastically priced shoes!

The first one is an ultra-light weight dress shoe from Clarks that was on sale for $70. Men's shoes can be really pricey. This new pair is awesome and is incredibly light and comfortable on the feet! Because L is on his feet so much these days he really needs a pair of dress shoes that he can walk in and stand in for long periods of time. I've asked him to imagine what its like for women who are in heels all day, to which he responds: don't wear heels then.

I can't seem to find the exact pair he bought on Clarks online, but they have a pretty decent selection of men's shoes that are mostly in between casual and dressy.

We headed over to Champs to look at sneakers and I was pleasantly surprised when he was interested in looking at chucks! At full price chucks still cost between $45-$50 and isn't exactly cheap. But I thought we'd try over at Marshalls where I got much for 50% off. And voila, there was a fantastic pair of all-stars for $24.99! It was a great great buy!!!

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