Thursday, January 22, 2009

what a great gift for a Twilight fan!

Isabella Wolf-Fang Necklace

This wolf-fang necklace is named for Isabella, the queen consort of Edward II of England in the 14th century. Edward was a poor ruler, leading Isabella and her lover to overthrow him and place her son on the throne. She became known to the English as "the She-Wolf of France."

Sterling silver

1 1/4" pendant on 28" chain


This piece is brought to you by the ultra-talented Wendy Brandes! I was reading her blog when I came across this piece and clicked on the link to her online store! It was particularly fun to read that the not only is the necklace called "Isabella" but with the little history note that she was the queen consort of "Edward II". Now all Twilight fans know of course how she is torn between Edward the vampire and Jacob the WOLF! Jacob even gives her a charm of a little wolf as a gift!!!

So how fitting is this beautiful piece as a gift for any Twilight fan? PERFECT I tell you!

Go out there and buy!

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WendyB said...

Oh my God! That IS a weird amount of coincidence.

K said...

seriously! :)