Sunday, March 29, 2009

i <3 this video!

thanks to the for the find! :)


on an unrelated topic, it's been a hectic past few days. between lunch dates with girlfriends, a party, and a couples dinner tonight it's been an eventful weekend. there's been a lot to think about life in general. after lunch with W on Saturday I opted not to go shopping (shocking i know) and start on my taxes instead.

I also attempted to clean out my closet again and while I did pull a few things that I don't wear anymore, I have found that I keep having the same thoughts off, "but I still wear this!" running through my head. So I find that I have more things that I'm keeping that putting in the get-rid off pile.

as I was going through clothes, I kept thinking about color. it's been only the past year and half or so that I've really found myself buying mainly dark colors and neutrals, but a lot of my older purchases are color filled. so while they are perfectly ok, I hardly wear them anymore because I just don't go for those particular colors. Mmmm...and yet I am reluctant to get rid of it just because of the color. mmm...quandry...

anyways, tonight I will attempt to do this again. hopefully I'll get further along this time.

in the meantime enjoy a picture of my favorite group of cool kids! :)

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