Monday, April 6, 2009

Campana Zig Zag V Flats

Would you wear these flats?

Melissa Campana Zig Zag V Flats available at on sale for $63

Product info:

With a woven look and lightweight feel, these Mellisa x Campana collaboration flats will be your new favorites. Flexible and rubbery feel.
  • MELFLEX recycled/recyclable plastic construction
  • Rubber sole
  • Plastic insole
  • Made in Brazil
  • Color: Black, Gold/Glitter, Silver/Gliltter
  • Fits true to size

I need to try on a pair of Melissa flats when I can find them, I keep reading reviews that they are very comfy.

******UPDATE: These flats are also available at for $55!


City Girl said...

I am tempted, but somehow I think they would feel stiff and uncomfy. Have you tried them on?

K said...

I haven't! But I'd like too, since I'm always looking out for comfortable flats that can endure harsh rains and walking. I keep reading reviews though that Melissa flats are incredibly comfortable.

City Girl said...

Good to know!

Mona K said...

In overall shape and color, these look like the silver flats you see Alice wering in Twilight in one of the scenes. Any idea exactly what kind of flats she is wearing? I can't find this information anywhere online, and those flats were very cute!

K said...

that is a good question!!!! you've presented something for me to dig into and research!!! :) Thanks for visiting my blog!