Sunday, April 5, 2009

simple sunday

This is Sienna Miller getting out of LAX. I really love her jeans and flats combo. For awhile I didn't think that folding up skinny jeans that are too long would look any good but she's changed my mind. It looks great on her and of course I love her black jacket. This is an outfit that I would gladly wear any day.

One of my favorite vampires! :) Ashley Greene along with the rest of the twilight vamps (and vamps to be) have my favorite outfits. I love her grey and black combo with bright red toes!!! Honestly, every time I see pictures of any of my favorite cool kids I can't help but think how awesome and cool they all look. While they can all dress up and look fantastic glammed up, they seem to be most comfortable in a pair of cool jeans, a great top, and a killer jacket. Mmmm all after my own heart!

(images from Just Jared)


Susanna said...

Sienna does look cute. I think rolling up skinny jeans only works if your legs are absolutely straight -- no calves, no thighs.

WendyB said...

Yes, I think Sienna looks great.