Sunday, May 10, 2009

EU Embassies open house

British ambassadors residence at the British embassy!

I spent a lovely Saturday afternoon checking out the various EU embassy open house in town! It was damn hot though and my allergies were out in a vengeance. =P But it was wonderful to see the inside of various embassies and all the lovely sun dresses filling the streets!

I wish I was more prepared though and wore a hat as friends and I trekked around. My favorite was the British embassy because they had some whiskey sampling hehe, that and there was a beautiful garden tour that took you past the exteriors of the ambassador's home (pictured above). Gorgeous no? :)


Susanna said...

It's funny how the residence is very old fashioned, stately manor-looking but the embassy itself is all glass and modern (and ugly, IMO).

My favorite embassy is the Finnish embassy. It's really beautiful at night when they turn the lights on and you can look into the trees.

K said...

I've never been inside the finnish embassy!!! But now I think it's a definite must see. :)