Wednesday, May 13, 2009

more of those cool twilight kids

Random observation, but I'm beginning to suspect that if you act in the Twilight movies, your bound to dress similarly to each other =P

Not a complaint since though I love how most of them dress. But above is Dakota Fanning in Vancouver from last Sunday. She is wearing black tights, a stripped bubble shirt, and BLACK LEATHER JACKET. How many actors playing vamps in this film have been seen wearing a leather jacket at least once? I'd have to say all the Cullens except Elizabeth Reaser (who has been out of the paps shutters for the most part so far!).

I'd say the personal styles of the actors all work with me except for Cameron Bright who's red reflective sun glasses are ehm...and the shirt is way to big.

Anyways it's officially hump day! hoorah!

(images from punk'd)


WendyB said...

For vampire fashion, I prefer Spike's black leather COAT from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

K said...

Spike!!!!! I agree his coat is awesome!