Friday, August 21, 2009

Back to School Flats?

Look no further than the Mindy Patent Flats!!!! Available from for $15.80!

These will look fantastic in tights and knee/thigh high schools and a little school girl plaid skirt! :) Or a plaid t-shirt dress will look adorable as well. I wish that I had actually worn more patent shoes while I was still in school and wearing a uniform. I mostly stuck to boring black leather. But I suppose there will always be a chance if one decides to wear a uniform for halloween, the non-skimpy kind of course ;)

Apologies for the long wait in between blog posts! I'm on vacation right now and the week before that was preparing for it. I'm heading outlet shopping tomorrow and perhaps I'll score a great find. Today L and I stopped by a local TJ Maxx down south and I found a great Alexander Wang-esque charcoal top and a brown plaid shirt. I am looking forward to doing a little fall wardrobe building!

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