Saturday, August 22, 2009

from the land of eatery

I have eaten well the last few days, so very very well in fact. Telling myself that its okay your on vacation hence indulge and not excercise will only work so long and tomorrow is the long drive back up to DC. Come Monday it's time to hit the workout routine and yoga yet again!

My goal:

Damn, Nikki Reed has killer legs. I WANT THOSE LEGS!!! Thats the picture I'm going to have as I work out :)

Here's a fairly reccent picture of her out and about in Vancouver. Love the jeans! I'm really digging her style these days too and I'm glad she's dressing a little more of her age and less Kristen's age. For awhile she was wearing things much more suited to a teenager.

Thanks paps for the pictures!

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