Monday, August 24, 2009

The Gladiator Sandal you should purchase now!

If you are looking for an inexpensive yet awesome looking gladiator sandal this summer, look no further!!!!!! The No Boundaries women's gladiator sandals from WALMART is fantastic!!!! It also costs only $10!

Now we'll see how long these babies last, but I am wearing the pair I purchased on vacation this past Saturday to work today and they are COMFORTABLE. Really comfortable that during my commute on the metro this morning I couldn't help but look down at my feet every so often to marvel at how cute and comfortable this sandal is.

All available online if you don't have a walmart nearby, they also come in a variety of color. I had really wanted a black on (as pictured below) but they were out at the Walmart I went too so I got a pair in brown instead. Good colors are: brown, black, white, and silver. There are a few neon options that don't really do it for me. These are so inexpensive that I might just have to buy another pair!!

This picture totally doesn't do the sandal justice. IT will look SO MUCH CUTER on your feet.


MGS Photography said...

I will definately need to check these out...My fave fave fave pair of gladiators were from Payless shoe source and they cost me all of 12 dollars. Super comfy and lasted about 3 years! I still cry over them once in a while and haven't found another pair I liked yet...these may be the ones!

Susanna said...

Those really are nice!

K said...

MGS - hope they work well for you!!! they run a little big so I'd buy a size down (no half sizes!) I'm normally a 6 1/2, the 7 was too big so i got a 6.

Susanna - they are! I'm still gushing over them =P