Saturday, September 26, 2009

SE Boutique carrine snakeskin flats

The newest pair to join my collection! I actually bought her two weeks ago at my local DSW and was instantly SMITTEN. It reminded me of my favorite Carrie Flats from Sam Edelman that I sadly cannot find anywhere anymore! Upon closer inspection I realized the the SE stood for Sam Edelman and this was a part of their new more upscale line of shoes.

While it is pretty comfortable, I soon realized after wearing it work one day that the back part needs to be broken in. The best part though is that compared to the Carrie flat where the inside was lined with a shiny metallic layer that has began to rip and stick to my foot with every wear, the inside of the Carrine is made of soft leather.

At $50+ (at store, $60+ online) I think it was still worth it. There is still a shortage of beautiful, fun, and every occasion worthy flats that I'm just going to wear these till their broken in.

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