Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Xmas Shoe Wish List: Lizabeth Ankle Wrap Patent Flats

day starts my too long of a "I'd love to have this for Christmas" list of shoes. Featured in this post is the Joseph Griffin Lizabeth Ankle Wrap flats seen in black patent above. This is ridiculously awesome in multiple ways.
  1. Patent - means it will last longer in the rainy days of DC
  2. T-strap - as I have been obsessed with t-straps for nearly a year now, thats all sorts of goodness 
  3. Ankle wrap - my newest obsession which works extremely well during the winter season (need to keep those ankles warm after all hehe)
  4. Tie - and you can also have a ribbon on this? YES.
  5. Multiple Colors - comes in black, brown, navy, and red
But yes, AWESOME shoe. It is available at http://www.endless.com/ for $120 (eep!!!) Yea not exactly cheap, but thats why its on my oh I wish someone would buy this for me for christmas list. Incidently, the red is available for $98.52 and the navy for $109.16. I would personally opt for the navy for the discount, but still I'm naturally drawn to all things black.

Oh Santa, please please get this for me!

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