Sunday, March 28, 2010

Grey Mary Jane Pumps

Practical is the word that comes to mind first when I look at this pair of shoes. There's always an internal battle that rages inside me between being drawn to very simple minimalistic shoes (as well as clothes and other accessories) versus the very romantic/flowly/printed out/embellished pieces that I find beautiful. This pair though would all mainly in the minimal category but I think would make such a great work shoe. The glittering metalic strap that gives enough embellishment that doesn't make this completely a plain jane affair.

It costs £22.00 from Dorothy Perkins (they ship internationally!)

I've mentioned in another blog post that DP has a great selection of flats. They still do!

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Kayla said...

I could think of a million ways to wear these. Sometimes you just need a shoe you can throw on and still be out the door looking cute.