Monday, March 29, 2010

Wearing last week?


This was an outfit from last weekend when it got a cold 33 degrees again. This teetering of cold to warm weather is probably the most challenging time to dress and not feel schlumpy. Speaking of schlumpy, I wish I didn't hate ironing, but I do. I have a handy steamer to dewrinkle as many of my button up shirts as possible, still I admit that I don't use it as often as I should. When I see crisp tops on women it makes me a teensy bit jealous at how much more put together they look compared to my schlumpy wrinkled number. If only I could be more bothered by it to actually iron. So I buy more forgiving fabrics as much as possible (like jersey, I love jersey!). 

Last last week I finally gave in to my biggest purchase as of late --- a black leather jacket. I've been wanting one since feasting my eyes on a Rick Owens one and after much sleuthing came upon the Rezrekshn leather zip-up jacket from Victoria's Secret. This is my first purchase from VS online and I really debated for over four months whether or not to get it. Finally I succumbed and took the plunge when it went on sale from $218 to $199. After using a 30% discount code I got it for $197. I LOVE it. At first I thought that I'd like it to be a little bit tighter around the arms, but the more I wear it the more I love exactly how it fits on me (I am wearing an XS). It looks good both zipped up and down contrary to some reviews I had read that complained it looked weird down. But it looks great and truly a worthy investment since Rick Owens is still way outside my price range. I'll post pictures soon.


blazeraddict said...

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nthomas said...

I'm so curious about how you settled on getting an XS for the Victoria Secret rezrekshn Leather Zip-up Jacket. Do you think this jacket runs on the bigger side? Sometimes an XS is too narrow for me in the shoulders or the sleeves are too short. Any comments would be much much appreciated! Thank you.