Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bottega Veneta: Nero Intrecciato Nappa Cross Body Bag

It's been awhile and the weather has finally turned. For awhile the cold seemed to follow me, during business trips and even while I was on vacation! But it's been a week of 90 degree weather here in DC and I'm making an effort not to wear pants for the whole summer if I can help it (skirts and dresses only please!). 

I never thought it would happen but I've been finding myself obsessed with small bags. Bags that I can basically fit my iphone, wallet, foundation, blush and a tube of mascara. Something that I can use both day and night. Nothing fits my needs more than the Nero Intrecciato Nappa Cross Body Bag from Bottega Veneta. A couple of weeks ago there was a brown version available at my local TJ Maxx and man oh man it was love at first sight. The leather was soooo buttery soft and I just wanted to hug it and take it home. It's normally priced at $930 but it was on sale at TJ Maxx for $380. A significant discount but uuugh I don't exactly have that cash to spare at the moment. Believe me I even tried to argue myself into an early birthday gift. I deserve dammit! In the end, sensible me won out and had to leave the purse behind. Now some lucky gal must have taken it home! 

Alas I have to make due with a substitute grey quilted clutch I scored at Primark on vacation for 7 pounds. Yea its not Bottega Veneta but it'll do for my frugal senses :) 

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