Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wish I Was Still On Vacation

I was on vacation two weeks ago to visit my best friend who lives in London with her husband. I haven't gone to see her there since 2003 and the last time I saw them both was during their wedding last year. With the craziness that has been my norm for the past year and a half now, I can't stress how amazing it was to be somewhere completely different and to be absolutely free of a schedule. Fairly recently as well one of my closest friends from college came to visit and she noticed how unbelievably Type-A (aka crazy scheduler) I've become because of the nature of my life. I think when life has been as hectic for me as it has been for a pretty long period of time now it's become somewhat the norm and I forget that there is life that isn't always super scheduled :) 

It was glorious. Waking up when I felt like, eating what I felt like, doing what I felt like. It's exactly the kind of vacation I needed. So now I've left my heart in London! My next few trips will all be work related so unfortunately this sort of abandonment of all things scheduled isn't going to happen again anytime too soon. Unless perhaps I just say screw it, pack my bags somewhere for the weekend and just go. Tempting idea. 

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DC Celine said...

hey! long time...tried to find your email or other contact info on your page - can you email me (address is on my blog)? i have a great shoe for you that i just got as a gift.

(and oh! i'm heading to england very soon, so was thrilled to read your post!)