Sunday, February 3, 2008

100th post! with things im currently lovin...

Dolce Vita Drape Collar Coat from Urban Outfitters for $199. I love the dramatic collar! It's so beautifully constructed and I truly wish that UO would hurry up and markdown the price even more. Sigh. As if I dont have enough coats to last me 3 winters already!

Solid silk Elizabeth halter from J. Crew for $88.00 (also comes in white, yellow and black). omgod im really digging the wonderful necklines that have been popping up in jcrew dresses and tops!!!

Dotted Chiffon blouse from Forever 21 $19.50. This fun and flirty blouse screams feminine to me and i love the detailing!

I started buying ruffled shirts last christmas when I scored a bulk of them for el-cheapo and now it's been wonderful to see them in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and fabrics.

Talie Women's Cap Sleeve Belted Sweater Jacket from for $35.99! Don't these look soooo wonderfully comfortable? I'm love the grey and black (as most of my wardrobe consists of greys and blacks hehe...) the yellow is such a pretty color as well but unfortunately it looks pretty dreadful on me! I bought one blouse in that color and for the life of me it's looked awful everytime I've tried to wear it, so pass. :)

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Johanna said...

congratulations! blog milestones deserve something special -- go get that Dolce Vita cape!

p.s. the J. Crew top looks waaaay better in the photo than in-person. I bought the small in yellow (I'm a true to size 4), and it was HUGE. The XS was even too big. It's not nearly as slim fitting as it looks.