Sunday, February 3, 2008

off post: santa please give me this jacket!

AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!! I am in love with Ellen Pompeo's little black jacket!!!! any ideas on who this belongs too?

in my quest to find the perfect little black jacket, this comes pretty close to what ive been looking for. i'd like it to be a little bit more fitted, but perhaps its because ellen is teeeny tiny that the jacket looks a little big on her. otherwise tho, it hits perfectly on the hips and i actually like the sleeves to be a bit longer so i can tuck my fingers in them when its cold.

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Girl said...

You don't think it looks just a teeny weeny bit too boxy?

xox Girl and the City (in Paris)

Ballerina K said...

i like that structured look! though i think it looks especially boxy on her because she is sooo tiny!!!