Sunday, November 16, 2008

another beautiful find!

Here is another beautiful etsy find that has gotten me cuckoo over jewelry right now. I love love love love love the turquoise blue eggs!!!

L contends that it is too woodsy. It may be a bit more Lord of the Rings than Breakfast at Tiffanys but still, the worksmanship is still pretty amazing. This will definitely be for those days when I'm feeling like Arwen Ellesidil.

At $48 it's also relatively priced!

Why haven't I bought this yet? Because I just bought a cashmere cardigan on sale yesterday at Club Monaco. Hehehe whoops. It was the very last piece and in my size! It cost only $40!!! Well, ok sure it was only 15% cashmere and 85% cotton but was cozy.

On a side note I've been scouring the the net trying to find a new flat that I can be really excited off. No such luck. My regularly frequented sites have just been disappointing. always lots of great staples out there, but nothing jumping out saying "blog me!"

but with the holidays coming up, I'm expecting some fancy flats to start appearing. oh woe is my wallet....

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