Friday, December 5, 2008

feeling cool in the cold weather

With my recent obsession with Twilight still in full swing, I found myself looking at pictures of Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson during their interview on the Today Show. Kristen was wearing a fantastic tweed dress with black tights. But what REALLY caught my eye was a picture of them outside talking to fans. Kristen had put on the coolest looking black leather bomber jacket I've seen in a long time. It had a hood too which was an extra for me. After looking at more pictures I saw that she had worn that exact same jacket again to a film festival in Italy with a gorgeous white dress underneathe and it looked much better than even a similar look worn by Mary Kate Olsen and Anne Hathaway a little while back.

So last night I started surfing online for my own little leather jacket. L disagreed with me and feels that leather jackets look really dated. But there were so many beaauuutiful ones out there!

Today on a mini-browsing expedition I found something that suit my "I want a jacket that makes me look cool, maybe a little rock and roll even" mentality as well as my pocket book. I compromised and found an awesome little cropped black wool bomber jacket. Upon trying it on I realized that I really liked the style more so than the leather. While of course having the perfect leather bomber jacket would have been wonderful, having a wool bomber jacket was awesome as well. The best part? Yea it was only $40 (thank you Forever21!). I checked the website and it doesn't seem to be available online anymore. I only saw 2 of them at the store and it must by my moment to purchase. :)

BUT if I were going to get a LBLJ, this one from Dolce Vita is at the top of my list:

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