Friday, February 22, 2008

offpost: french women are gorgeous

so many french women are so effortlessly chic. yes im quite jealous of it actually. hahaha but there's nothing like seeing so many well styled women for inspiration!! i'm currently obsessed with this website:

this illustrator takes such gorgeous pictures of such beautifully dressed parisians as well as create such awesome fashion sketches!

this particular picture caught my eye:

her coat, dress, and shoes are TO DIE for. everything about this outfit is beautiful!!!! I want that dress really badly...anyone have any idea who it's by? not to mention her gorgeous smokey eye! the look is simply perfect to me for a night out in the town!

she's an elder lady completely eminating sexiness, confidence and sophistication.

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The Clothes Horse said...

It's lovely and so pulled-together. I wish people in America wouldn't be so squeamish about dressing nice and stop dressing so casual.

Ballerina K said...

I totally agree! Seeing old Cary Grant movies makes me wish that everyone still dressed in such a formal manner!

WendyB said...

Elder lady? Hee hee.

Ballerina K said... that awfully un-PC?

jdbsusanna said...

Very chic. And her hair looks pretty good too!

Anonymous said...

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