Saturday, March 1, 2008

off post: the outerwear obsession

whenever I shop for clothes I always think of a particular story or situation wherein I get to wear the piece and look fabulous. case in point, a recent purchase at Club Monaco of a top that had gorgeous strap detailing and I was even more thrilled because it was the last XS and it was on sale. It was meant to be!

I have an upcoming event that I will be attending early this summer, which will have me see people I haven't seen since college. And that means I need to look extra fabulous. That means I need to be disciplined in doing those workouts and I need to drink more water. More importantly I have an excuse to shop even more. Haha!

That ties into my reccent obsession --- outerwear. Jackets more specifically. I've been hunting for shrunken, structured, well-fitting jackets for the past few months. I've had some luck, but as it seems I stumbled onto Abigail Adam's peahoodie. It's made of sweatshirt material but styled like a classic short peacoat. I was beyond thrilled. Really really beyond thrilled and am currently eagerly awaiting my latest purchase. This is perfect as a layering piece for winter time, and even more perfect for sitting in a cold airplane cabin when you want something soft, warm and snuggly and yet look structured. Yes I'm planning to wear this at the airport for this summer's event.

On another note, I have lots of clothes and shoes I need to sell. AAGH! where to sell is the real question.

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Jennifer said...

Cute blog!
I love it when designers take a ordinary piece and re-invent it.